We're proud to have successfully designed and installed the first case of multiple robot lawn mowers, working together as an intelligent team.

Using multiple robots in one area is nothing new. Traditionally areas are segregated, and individual robots maintain each area or alternatively, numerous robots work together in one area and double-cut.

This is inefficient, provides no scope for individual robot downtime and can lead to differences in cutting.

Infinity takes things to a new level and can electrify grounds maintenance, in a cost efficient manner. We successfully installed two of our NextGen articulated 4.36 Elite robots on a vast field in Hertfordshire. The robots now share their cutting data in real-time, ensuring no area is needlessly cut twice whilst increasing randomisation to provide more significant checks and balances over each others' performance. It's a game changer and will ensure the robots achieve their full 6-yr warranty (with the financial payoff in 2-3 years).

With their motorised cutting heights, the NextGen articulated mowers enable us to achieve a cut that no hand or ride-on mower could rival on such undulating ground. It's a marked quality improvement and will save approx. 350l of Petrol fuel and 200 cubic metres of green waste annually in the process, with a perfectly mown lawn every single day.

Infinity opens up the opportunity of electrified mowing to sports pitches, golf courses, school fields, large estates, business parks and council grounds. With a US study recently finding that up to 5% of their emissions come from garden and grounds machinery, efficient electrification is a solution we must adopt. We urge facility and contracts managers with grounds to maintain, to seriously consider robotic lawn care now.

Through teamwork, robots are lightweight with efficient batteries and require less perimeter wiring, which ultimately reduces the cost of installation and robot manufacture, simultaneously boosting efficiency and quality.

It is a breakthrough technology, and we're proud to be at the forefront.

The above image shows the extensive data we receive remotely from the robots. This enables us to further improve their performance over time, to increase the robots' lifespan, minimise energy usage, and provide the best organic lawn care programmes, now accessible to an infinite lawn area.

Interested to see how we can leverage Infinity and our industry-leading robots to manage your project? Get in touch.