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For 15 years, we've been improving the outdoor spaces of clients across London and the South East, through great design consultancy, procurement management and project builds.

Bespoke furniture and small improvement projects, through to large-scale landscape improvement, it all starts with a great design. Our service opens this expertise and creativity to all.

Our visual design process is a free service to any customer seriously intending to improve their outdoor space.
We'll consider all requests, irrespective of size or complexity, and relish a challenge.

Design & Planning
Creating unique and timeless spaces is the essence of great landscape design.

Successful outdoor improvement involves a deep understanding of building processes and plant knowledge. Technologies such as smart irrigation, robotics, and mood lighting are transforming the way gardens can be designed.
Comprehending a client's brief and exceeding expectations with a unique creative design, is why we're usually able to offer our design service with no upfront cost or commitment.

Any design we do is subject to us overseeing the implementation, or you reject it entirely without cost.

Whilst we have some in-house build capacity, most designs call for the efficient use of specialist tradesmen. After designing, we'll create a full project plan for its implementation.

We act as your main contracting partner to oversee the build process, enabling you to relinquish as much of the stress of build management as you desire — acting in your best interests throughout.

Our established network of suppliers and procurement processes, enables us to negotiate competitive prices and quality assurances, with absolute transparency and guidance on every aspect of the contract, in true partnership.

We oversee every element of the build, right through to signing-off invoices for payment.

1. The creative design.
2. Procurement — negotiating prices and quality assurances.
3. Overseeing the build process, upholding the design quality and transparency.

In order to represent your best interests during implementation, we do not subcontract or add hidden margins to supplier costs.

Our fees are commission based, covering the value we add to your project.

Stage 1: Design consultancy and standard visual renders
Free of charge*

*1. Subject to Stage 2 or dismissing the design in its entirety.
  2. CGI renders for presentation and technical drawings (where necessary) are subject to cost.
  3. To guard against abuse, imitating any part of our designs is subject to a buy-out clause.
  4. Taking on any design requests is at our sole discretion.

Stage 2: Typical implementation fees

Tier 1: 35% < £20,000*
Tier 2: 25% > £20,000*
Tier 3: 15% > £250,000*

* 1. Linked to the overall project plan costs
Our fees are billable monthly as supplier invoices become payable.

Stage 3: After-service

Your project will remain active during the warranty periods, where we'll assist.
Available for on-going maintenance services and best practise advice.