Hey Siri, has the lawn been cut?

Gardening just got smart. 

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A breakthrough solution to the perfect lawn. 

Our robot mowers are eco-advocates.

Fully electric, zero green waste solutions to the perfect lawn. Capable of cutting schedules rivalled only by top-sports pitches.

With industry-leading build quality, capabilities and warranties, there's a premium mower in the range designed for your lawn.

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It's green.

It's convenient. It's just better.

Perfect lawns rely on regular cutting. Removing no more than a third of the blade when mowing encourages thick and beautiful turf. For most people, tending to the lawn multiple times a week isn't feasible. Until now.

No more piles of grass either. Regular cutting driven by algorithms means tiny clippings disperse evenly, organically returning vital nutrients and moisture into the turf for greener lawns.

Our standard robots come fitted with remote connectivity to power anti-theft trackers, GPS enhanced mowing and app commands.

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